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426 Venture Street
Escondido, CA, 92029
United States


Whether you are looking for quality xeriscaping or material to block out your neighbors from seeing your newly legal marijuana crops, Green matterz offers reasonable solutions to your green problems.

Commercial / Municipal

Grafitti detterent

When we started selling ivy, we intended it for privacy purposes. However, we soon realized it's value as a graffiti deterrent. Now, we sell various ivy that works perfectly as both neighborhood decoration and graffiti deterrent. Because of the dark green color, the rugged, uneven surface, and the overall look of ivy, graffiti taggers will move on to "decorate" other places. It has been used in both municipal and commercial settings as a way to beautifully discourage spray paint tagging. Our ivy makes a great prevention method as it is low maintenance and requires no water from city or private customers. We have worked with municipalities of Anaheim, Lynwood, La Puente, and Pico Rivera; and their graffiti problems have significantly lessened. We can help your neighborhood too.

Other municipal and commercial uses include:

  • Neighborhood dècor
  • Privacy
  • Sound barriers
  • UV rated/fire retardant 
  • Storefront decoration
  • Business beautification
  • Events
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