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426 Venture Street
Escondido, CA, 92029
United States


Whether you are looking for quality xeriscaping or material to block out your neighbors from seeing your newly legal marijuana crops, Green matterz offers reasonable solutions to your green problems.


Q: How much can I save on my water bill if I switch to water-wise landscaping?

A: As you know, the drought we are experiencing is serious. Californians have been urged to cut their water consumption by at least 30%. Switching to artificial turf, and/or xeriscaping will easily allow you to achieve that goal, and your water consumption could be cut as much as two-thirds. 

Q: I have pets. Is there artificial turf available that is safe for pets?

A: Absolutely. There is artificial turf available that is specifically designed for pets, and it is actually easier to cleanup and maintain than real turf.

Q: I have a problem with gophers or other rodents on/underneath my property. Will installing a xeriscape be complicated by these issues?

A: No, in fact, xeriscaping can assist in deterring gophers, squirrels, and rodents from from nesting on / underneath your property due to the barrier that is created for the xeriscape's foundation. By cutting off access to the surface, any rodent tunnels that surface on the xeriscaped property will be come inaccessible and this will aid in relocating the rodents. Furthermore, many rodents eat the roots of organic sod as a main source of nutrition. By removing the sod and replacing it with synthetic turf or xeriscape, it will further disincentivize the rodents to remain on your property. 

Q: There is a lot of grafitti tagging in my area. Can artificial plants be used to help defend against unsolicited tagging?

A: Yes! Our artificial boxwood hedge has been used as a successful graffiti deterrent in urban areas. The bushy boxwood makes any kind of precision painting with spray-paint problematic and the paint colors do not contrast well on the dark green background. Due to this, grafitti taggers tend to find other, more suitable, locations when coming across our hedges. 

Q: There is a high ambient noise level on my property. Do you have any products that can help with noise pollution? 

A: Yes! As a matter of fact, our artificial boxwood hedges can be attached to steel re-inforced high density polyurethane material that is sound reflective. Depending on the circumstances, noise can be reduced from 5dB up to 20dB.

Q: I would like to improve the privacy of my home or yard. Are there any new products on the market that can help with this? 

A: Yes! Our artificial boxwood hedges can adapted to customized dimensions in order to fit your specific privacy needs. Furthermore, the boxwood hedges have very dense foliage put against a black background, which allows no light to pass through them. The hedges can even be customized to include sound reflective high-density polyurethane. 

Q: Why do people use dry creek beds in their landscape / xeriscape?

A: People choose to integrate dry creek beds into their landscape for two reasons. The first is that they are aesthetically pleasing and bring a natural feel to project. Furthermore the dry creek beds serve as a channel for rain water drainage and run-off. 

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